Lodge Color Dutch Oven Review

When you think of enameled cast iron cookware, the one that often comes to mind is Le Creuset. But this is one expensive brand and unless you are willing to fork out at least $200 for a pot, you might as well give it a miss. However, you can still own an affordable porcelain enameled […]

Universal Housewares Cast Iron Skillet

While Lodge is the most popular brand for cast iron cookware, there are also a few others in the market if you are price shopping. Universal Housewares cast iron skillets is one of those and in this review, we will see if this is potentially a good buy or otherwise. Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron […]

Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Set Review

With the convenience of nonstick cookware, many wouldn’t think of making a change until they start to feel uncomfortable about the potential heath hazards that come with flaky pans. That is when people start to look for alternatives. The Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron cookware set is a great start for that change. If you are […]

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet Review

Nothing beats cooking with a heavy cast iron skillet. In fact, if you have the money for only a limited number of pots and pans, a Lodge pre-seasoned skillet should probably be high on that list. Why? Because cast iron is sturdy and can take all kinds of abuse from you. You don’t have to […]