Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware Review

You have seen it on TV, food doesn’t stick. Many people have been sold on this pan because with no oil and no Teflon, food still slides out with ease. But is this too good to be true? Do we have enough customer complaints to make this an advertising gimmick? Well, check it out in this Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware review.

Orgreenic 16-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

orgreenic cookware set

Besides the well-known frying pan, Orgreenic also has a complete range of products and in this 16-piece set, the following items are included:

  • 2.5-quart covered saucepan
  • 6-quart covered stockpot
  • 11.75 inches square grill pan
  • 10-inch frying pan
  • 12-inch covered frying pan
  • Aluminum steamer insert
  • 4 silicon kitchen utensils
  • Orgreenic Fast and Easy Cook Book

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The cookware pieces have an aluminum core which is a common feature of most pots and pans to give even heat distribution. The cooking surface is made of nonstick scratch-resistant ceramic material that allows you to cook at higher temperature than the usual Teflon pans. So, you can sear food as well as transfer the cookware from the stove to the oven. The pieces are oven-safe up to 500°F.

The lids are made of tempered glass and the handles are of the stay-cool design. The lid for the stockpot would fit the 10-inch frying pan. The set is not dishwasher-safe.

Orgreenic is being sold as a green cookware that is healthy, non-toxic, nonstick and durable. It should be able to withstand scrubs and normal wear and tear and yet retains its nonstick properties making cleaning a breeze. If you are really interested in cooking with little to no oil, the Stoneline cookware is another option you can look into apart from Orgreenic.

Should You Buy The Orgreenic 80-16PCG Non-Stick Cookware?

  1. Non-stick works great – The non-stick feature of the pan works nicely as claimed. It is slick and food hardly sticks to the surface. If it does, wiping with a sponge will get it off.
  2. Heats up fast – The pans heat up fast and evenly. You will need to monitor the heat and cook at lower temperature to avoid food burning.
  3. Right weight – The pieces are not the real solid and heavy type but they still have a nice weight to them. The whole package weighs about 25 pounds which is not much different to the WearEver Pure Living set.
  1. Doesn’t last – This is one very common complaint – that the pieces doesn’t last. While the nonstick properties work great initially, the pans turn sticky after a short while. The coating also chipped and peeled off for some users.
  2. Handles get hot – The thin handles, especially the ones on the lids, will turn hot on the stove. You will need to be prepared with pot holders if you buy this set.
  3. Need to be seasoned – You will need to season the cookware before use and at regular intervals after that. This may be a hassle but that is how it works for cast iron pans as well.
  4. Not dishwasher-safe – You will need to handwash the cookware which may not be ideal for those who depend on the dishwasher.

Reading the customer reviews of the Orgreenic Non-Stick Cookware might leave you confused as to its performance and durability. While some love the cookware, others complained much about its stickiness. While the commercial shows how you could fry an egg without oil and let it slide out with ease, there are buyers who claimed that food stick to the surface after only a few uses.

The disparity in the reviews could be due to the seasoning of the pans. They must be seasoned correctly before use. Some buyers have suggested that seasoning them by using the oven to bake a film of oil onto the pans is a better way to ensure the nonstick coating lasts.

So, should you buy the Orgreenic cookware given the complaints? Well, if you want to be healthy and still can’t live without nonstick pots and pans, then ceramic cookware is the way to go. Otherwise, move on to stainless steel sets. Just bear in mind that ceramic cookware will always carry a risk of the nonstick coating losing its effectiveness, whichever brand you choose.

In terms of value for money comparing Orgreenic vs WearEver Pure Living 15-Piece set, the latter would seem to be more economical although it does depend on the deals being offered at different times. Instead of having kitchen tools to jack up the number of pieces in the set, the WearEver package consists of all cookware pieces while the price seems to be about the same as the Orgreenic. Therefore, remember to check the deals when you buy to see which would work out to be cheaper overall.

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  1. this pan is junk. It doesn’t heat evenly, doesn’t even sit evenly,and with butter or oil STILL everything sticks. I’m a good cook and I take care of my kitchen ware. I can’t wait to replace this piece of crap. Even for pancakes I’ve gone back to cast iron and oil. James Beard would throw it out the window.

  2. I had high hopes for the Orgreenic “green ware” cook set when I got them last year. I followed the instructions by seasoning the green ceramic coating. It didn’t do any good. The food stuck to the pans right away. Not only that, the outer coating came off after the first washing. Now the exterior of the pans are pitted, blotchy and rough to the touch. I don’t even want to use them on my glass-top range for fear of scratching the glass surface. I regret wasting money on these pans. They are headed for the trash can! So I bought the Copper Chef ceramic cookware that you see advertised on TV. It is an awesome product! Stay away from the imitators though, such as Gotham Steel and Red Copper…..they are not as good as the Copper Chef.

  3. constance catron says:

    I have posted the following to every consumer review site I can identify:

    “I have 3 orgreenic pans 2 years old, very little use because they just don’t work as advertised. Everything sticks to them even after they’ve been ‘seasoned’. I KNOW how to season a pan because I cook frequently with cast iron skillets. Pans have to be vigorously hand scrubbed even after going through dishwasher heavy duty cycle.
    Warranty is explicit that defective pans will be repaired or replaced for lifetime of original owner.
    1st customer service rep said the company only had 10″ and 12″ pans in stock.
    2nd customer service rep says they don’t make them anymore, have none in stock and offers depreciated refund of $22.78 vs replacement as warrantied! And I’d have to return them at my expense to get that $22.78!!! i paid nearly $60 for them . Totally unsatisfactory!
    Supervisor has not called me back as promised.

  4. Bonnie Alcorn says:

    I have a small Orgreenic frying pan that was included as a bonus with some other purchase I made online. It was so long ago, I do not remember what product I bought. I don’t believe the pan included any care & use instructions. Therefore, I did not season it; I just washed it (by hand) in hot soapy water & started using it. I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been using it at least once a week for more than two years and have had no stickiness or any other issues. I would love to have a larger one, but with all the horror stories I’ve read, I’m leery about buying one. Maybe I got the only good one that was ever produced!

  5. crvillaluz says:

    I own orgreenic set of pots, pans and silicon cooking utensils. I use the 5 quarts dutch even pot the most, the utensils are superb and I wanted to buy just the utensils.

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