Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain Set

In the Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain 10-Piece cookware set review, we can’t see any major difference that sets it apart from her Signature collection. There are minor differences though and you might prefer one over the other because of the details. Let’s take a closer look of this pots and pans set below.

Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

paula deen traditional porcelain 10 piece setThe pots and pans that are included in the set are as follows:

  • 1-quart covered sauce pan
  • 2-quart covered sauce pan
  • 6-quart covered stock pot
  • 3-quart covered saute pan
  • 8-inch skillet
  • 9.5-inch skillet

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This is an aluminum cookware set with heavy gauge construction for fast and even heating with a stylish and stain-resistant porcelain enamel finish on the exterior. The interior has a DuPont Teflon® coating which makes it nonstick.

The handles are made of silicone and stainless steel and double riveted to the body of the pieces. They have a silver ring attached to the end which is both stylish and practical for storage purposes.

The knobs on the glass tempered lids also have a silver finish at the center to match the handles. The pieces are oven-safe up to 350°F.

The set is available in black, ivory and purple (shown above).

Should You Buy The Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain 10-Piece Set?

  1. Colors – The set is available in 3 different colors. While black cookware is pretty standard, it is not that common to have ivory and purple pots and pans for the kitchen. If looks are important to you to show off your kitchen, this is one option you can consider. Apart from Paula Deen, the Rachael Ray Hard Enamel set also has cookware in various colors.
  2. Easy to use – With the Teflon® coating, food releases easily from the surface and does not stick to the pan. Cleaning up is easy as a result.
  3. Price – For a branded cookware, the price is reasonable for a 10-piece set at less than $100 at the time of writing. It is cheaper than the Paula Deen Signature and Rachael Ray Hard Enamel sets.
  4. Comfortable handles – The handles have a rubberized texture which makes it comfortable to grip.
  1. Interior coating peels – The most common complaint is that the Teflon coating peels and flakes after repeated use. Some buyers even claimed that the coating peels off within weeks after purchase.
  2. Unbalanced – The smallest pot and pan have a design flaw whereby they tilt on the stove when empty due to the heavier handles. So, if you need to preheat your pan, you might need to hold it while waiting to prevent it from tipping.
  3. Dents – The material is on the thin side, so you need to be careful when washing up. If you drop the pieces, they might just end up dented.
  4. Handwash only – The set is not dishwasher-safe. You will need to wash it by hand to prolong its lifespan.

If you are deciding between the Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain and Signature sets, the differences are:

  • Price – The Signature is more expensive of the two with a price differential of around $20 to $30.
  • Colors – The Signature has more colors to choose from and it also has a speckled design.
  • Handles – The Signature has copper hang rings for the handles while the Traditional has silver ones.
  • Shape – The Signature has a more rounded shape while the Traditional has straight sides.

There is really no major difference in the construction of both cookware. While the Signature collection is more popular among buyers, the complaints are the same (durability remains a common issue) although it has slightly better ratings overall.

As such, do I recommend this cookware? Unfortunately, no. Unless you are totally in love with the color that the Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain 10-Piece cookware set offers, it would be better to save your money and get something else. The complaints are too prevalent that the risk seems a little higher than normal to make it worthwhile to invest in this set.

If you are looking for nonstick cookware and want a little color to go with it, you can look at the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized set or go healthy with the WearEver Pure Living Ceramic cookware for alternatives.

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