Rachael Ray Lazy Spoons & Tongs

Imagine that you are cooking in the kitchen, holding a spoon tossing and turning the food. Then, the phone rings. You need to get to it and start searching for a dish nearby to lay your spoon on. It is dripping with gravy but you can’t reach a dish quickly as everything seems to be inside the cabinet. You are left with no choice but to just leave it on the counter top so you can get to the phone in time.

I have this experience before and I’m sure many others have experienced the same. Inconvenient? Yes! Troublesome? Yes, again! One more dish to wash? Definitely! So, can we solve this problem? Is there a better way to handle these cooking tools? Fortunately, there is. Introducing the Rachael Ray Lazy Spoons and Tongs:

rachael ray lazy spoon set

So, how do they work? The answer lies here:

rachael ray lazy kitchen tools
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Rachael Ray Lazy Tools Review – Why You Should Buy

  1. It’s for lazy people, of course – With the slit to hold the tools on the rim of your cookware, you don’t need a dish or spoon rest anymore to lay your cooking utensils on. That means you have one less item to wash and it is far more convenient.
  2. Sauce will drip back onto the food – Sauce that has clung onto the spoon will drip back into the pan if it is left clipped on the rim.
  3. Silicone material – This means you can use it with nonstick cookware and is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up. It is also heat-safe up to 500°F with its thick construction.
  4. Great reviews – Over 100 reviews are available on Amazon which means many, many more have bought the Rachael Ray Lazy Spoons and Tongs. The reviews are generally positive, so apart from the attractiveness of the idea, buyers are also happy with the quality of the items.
  5. Colorful – These are available in different shades such as purple, orange and red. If you have colorful pots and pans like the Rachael Ray 10-Piece cookware set, then this would be a great match.


Of course, there are also some complaints from reviewers.

  1. The spoons are too shallow – It is hard to pick up things with the spoons since they are a little too shallow. If would be difficult to scoop up liquid, for example, rendering the spoons difficult to use for some.
  2. Lack of spring in the tongs – The tongs don’t work too well because there is no spring to give it the bounce needed to pick things up easily. It also may not be wide enough to pick up more bulky food items as there is no spring to give it that kind of flexibility. There are buyers who suggested that people buy the spoon and ladle sets instead and give the tongs a miss.
  3. Bulky – A few buyers have noted that the Rachael Ray Lazy Spoon and Tongs are a little bulky to use.

Despite the drawbacks, I really like the idea of these Lazy kitchen tools. Of course, they can be better designed but the inadequacies do not take away the convenience that comes with these utensils. And to have one less item to wash, that is another plus for lazy people indeed!

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