T Fal Vs Farberware Cookware

T Fal and Farberware are both well-known for their non stick cookware. Their product lines are geared towards the lower end of the market unlike All Clad and Calphalon which are premium-priced cookware. Although cheap, the quality of their pots and pans aren’t too bad and they serve the needs of those who are really working within a tight budget. But which of the two should you buy? Let’s check out the T Fal vs Farberware details below.

T Fal vs Farberware Cookware

First of all, both of these companies have a few product lines for their cookware. Therefore, we will need to compare like and like to ensure that the comparison is meaningful. We have identified several of their best-selling cookware sets in the non stick, ceramic and stainless steel categories to do our T Fal vs Farberware comparisons.

T Fal Excite vs Farberware Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Cookware

T Fal Excite Cookware

T Fal Excite Non Stick Cookware

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We will compare two of T Fal and Farberware’s most colorful non stick cookware sets that are also touted as dishwasher safe. This is the T Fal Excite vs Farberware Dishwasher Safe cookware series.

 T Fal ExciteFarberware Dishwasher Safe
InteriorNon StickNon Stick
External ColorVariousVarious
Thermo SpotYesNo
Induction ReadyNoNo

Both of these sets have very similar features. They are colorful and available in various colors including blue, red and purple. So, if you like a more colorful kitchen, these 2 cookware sets would fit the bill. Constructed of aluminum, these are fairly lightweight pieces which will work well for those with weaker arms.

The main difference between the T Fal Excite vs Farberware Dishwasher Safe is the presence of a Thermo Spot indicator in the former. This is a common feature in T Fal non stick cookware whereby the spot will turn solid red once the pan is adequately heated. So, you don’t have to guess when to put in food into the pan each time you turn on your stove.

Apart from the Thermo Spot, there is really very little to separate the 2 brands. The cooking performance is more or less the same and neither can they last a lifetime. Scratches, dents, handles loosen and fading colors are typical complaints. But for the price, this is the usual fare for non stick pans. The T Fal Excite is slightly more expensive than the Farberware Dishwasher Safe at the time of writing since it has an additional Thermo Spot feature. If you don’t mind the color, then the T Fal Initiatives Non Stick could be slightly cheaper than the Excite.

T Fal Initiatives vs Farberware PureCook Ceramic Cookware

T Fal Initiatives Ceramic Cookware Set

T Fal Initiatives Ceramic Cookware

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Both T Fal and Farberware do have a ceramic cookware line. Both have a light colored interior ceramic non stick coating that is PTFE, PFOA and cadmium free. The features of the T Fal Initiatives Ceramic and Farberware PureCook are similar with both having an aluminum construction for fast and even heating.

The handles are phenolic and the lids are glass. They are oven safe up to 350°F. Although advertised as dishwasher safe, handwashing is still recommended to avoid damaging the finish.

Price-wise, they are cheaper compared to other ceramic cookware like WearEver Pure Living and GreenPan. Unfortunately, they are not induction compatible. If you want a non stick induction compatible cookware, you will have to look at the NuWave Duralon which also has a ceramic coating.

As far as we can tell, there is no significant difference in the T Fal Initiatives vs Farberware PureCook cookware. There is also very little difference in price to set apart one from the other. But the T Fal set is the more popular one compared to the Farberware at the time of writing.

T Fal Tri-Ply vs Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel

Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Cookware

Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Cookware

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Apart from non stick cookware, T Fal and Farberware also have stainless steel pots and pans in their product line up. There is not much difference in price between the T Fal Tri-Ply and Farberware Millennium cookware sets at this time although prices do fluctuate now and then.

 T Fal Tri-PlyFarberware Millennium
Type3-PlyEncapsulated Base
Interior Stainless SteelStainless Steel
External Polished Stainless SteelPolished Stainless Steel
HandlesStainless SteelStainless Steel
Oven-Safe500°F 500°F
Induction ReadyYesYes

The main difference between the T Fal Tri-Ply vs Farberware Millennium is obviously the construction. The T Fal is a tri-ply cookware which means it has an aluminum core that wraps around the whole pot from the base up to the rim in between 2 stainless steel layers. On the other hand, the Farberware Millenium is a cookware with an encapsulated base which holds an aluminum disc just at the bottom of the pot.

Both have stainless steel handles which makes them oven safe up to 500°F although the glass lids can only withstand a lower temperature of 350°F. They can be put into the dishwasher but bear in mind that the harsh detergents of the dishwasher can discolor the exterior finish and make the pieces look dull over time.

Both the T Fal and Farberware stainless steel cookware cannot be compared to the All Clad Tri-Ply or D5 but they are good enough for home use and can last longer than non stick pans. You may need to re-learn how to fry eggs with a stainless steel pan and find out how to wash off burnt residues but they are worth it if you don’t want to keep replacing your non stick cookware.

In this case of T Fal vs Farberware stainless steel cookware, we would think the T Fal would be a better bet with its tri-ply construction. It is slightly more expensive but tri-ply means the cookware construction comes in a single piece rather than bonded with a separate base. The heat conduction for the pots should also be better with a tri-ply construction.

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